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Banfield uses the power of ideas to create insightful and persuasive marketing communications experiences that transcend both the screen and printed page–and we’ve been doing this for over 40 years.

From strategy, brand and design, to web, video, social media and events, we thrive on delivering fully integrated solutions that best meet your objectives and achieve results, regardless of the medium.

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From our Blog

  • Banfield Recognized For Work With Causeway

    On October 21, Banfield was part of a special event at the Orange Art Gallery to support Causeway’s Unveiling the Mask of Mental Illness Fundraiser. The evening raised a record of nearly $7,500, with all proceeds going to Causeway’s social businesses to help address the barriers faced by those living with mental illness. As part…

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  • Media Buying: Three Key Trends to Boost Your Strategy

    Lately we’ve been focused on some of the industry’s more trendy developments – namely brand journalism, experiential marketing, and big data – that we’ve not yet addressed one of the foundations of marketing: media buying. Marketers and media buying have shared a long history and while it’s not always the most glamorous aspect of what…

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  • Programmatic Marketing: Tackling Big Data in Media Buying

    Over the past few years, the rise of near real time advertising metrics and big data-backed micro-targeting has led to many important changes in digital marketing. It has also made it more critical than ever for media buyers and planners to stay abreast of current tools and techniques. With that in mind, I recently spent…

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