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Banfield uses the power of ideas to create insightful and persuasive marketing communications experiences that transcend both the screen and printed page–and we’ve been doing this for over 40 years.

From strategy, brand and design, to web, video, social media and events, we thrive on delivering fully integrated solutions that best meet your objectives and achieve results, regardless of the medium.

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From our Blog

  • #ICYMI: Most Unmissable Marketing Moments of 2014

    As millions of people and brands create and share content, millions more engage in conversations about it. Marketers now have to strive for excellence if their creative efforts are going to be considered unmissable – or be seen at all. Campaigns today must be both relevant and memorable so that people will talk about them…

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  • Banfield Leads Workshop on the Art of Social Media for Arts Organizations

    In 2014, nearly everyone recognizes the business value of being on social media. But many organizations still struggle with sharing the right content to successfully capture the attention of their online audiences. The good news for arts organizations is that interesting content is what they specialize in. So, even when resources are limited and social…

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  • Take Part in the Banfield #Christmas#Craft#Challenge!

    After having lots of fun — and receiving many positive comments from clients and partners — with our 12 Days of Banfield Instagram video series last year, our team wanted a new creative challenge for the 2014 holidays. Led by Banfield designer and resident crafty elf Amber Warren, we found a bunch of supplies and…

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